Martial Study english

Source: “Tome of Battle: The Book of Nine Swords”

By studying the basics of a martial discipline, you can learn to focus your ki and perfect the form needed to use a maneuver. As a result, you gain the use of a combat maneuver.

Benefit: When you gain this feat, you mus choose a discipline of martial maneuvers. The key skill for the choosen discipline becomes a class skill for all your classes (current and future). Select any maneuver from the choosen discipline for which you meet the prerequiste.

  • If you have Martial adept levels this maneuver becomes one of your maneuver known.
  • If you not have martial adept levels, you can use this maneuver once per encounter as a martial adept with an initiator level equal to 1/2 your character level.
  • If you do not have martial adept levels when you take this feat. and later gain a level in a class that grants maneuvers known these new maneuvers can only be used once per encounter and do not get any recovery method.
  • If you later gain levels in a martial adept class (crusader, swordsage or warblade), you use the recovery method for the maneuvers learnd as a result of those class levels, but your previous maneuvers (gained through this feat or through prestige class levels) do not gain a recovery method,

A maneuver lears through this feat cannot be exchanged for a different maneuver if you are a crusader, swordsage, or warblade. Once you choose a maneuver with this feat, you cannot change it.

Special: You can take this feat up to three times. Each time you take it after the first, you gain one of two benefits. You can choose a new discipline, gaining one of its maneuvers and its key skill as a class skill, as discribed above. Alternatively, you can choose a maneuver from a discipline you already gained access by means of this feat. In either case, you must meet the maneuvers prerequisite.

Special: A fighter can select this feat as a bonus feat.

Used by Krankor Iswaldson for Shadow Hand and Shadow Blade Technique


Martial Study english

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